Wood Shavings Bags

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Easy bedding for happy pets (70 Litre Bag).

Give your furry (or feathery) friend the gift of comfort and hygiene with Kiwi Wood Shavings’ convenient 70 litre bag.

This practical and easy-to-use option is ideal for all your pet bedding needs. From cozy rabbit hutches to snug guinea pig cages, and even nesting boxes for your feathered friends, these shavings provide the perfect foundation for happy and healthy animals.

Here’s why it’s the perfect choice:

  • Effortless to use: Simply pour the shavings into your pet’s enclosure for a fresh and comfortable environment.
  • Portable and convenient: The 70 litre bag is easy to transport and store, taking up minimal space in your home or shed.
  • Animal-friendly: The soft, absorbent shavings create a warm and comfortable bedding surface, promoting good hygiene.


Bag Volume: 70L

Bag weight: approximately 5-6 kgs

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Weight 5 kg

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    Kiwi wood shavings are an awesome product. Highly recommend.

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